Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Star Wars Room Part Deux (I forgot some stuff)

Perhaps I will learn to edit before I post. Instead, for the time being, you get treated to not one, but TWO Star Wars bedroom posts. Lucky! Let me begin.

I failed to show off our rad Star Wars duvet cover from Pottery Barn Kids (which I think isn't even available anymore?)
That Jabba pillow was made by yours truly, based off of the project in Bonnie Burton's Star Wars Craft Book (best thing, ever, by the way.) Jabba actually spends most of his time sitting on the floor next to the bed, but it is definitely a comfy pillow.

I also failed to show close ups of any of my wall of Star Wars art. Specifically the fantastic paintings by my daughter. She was 4 when she produced these gems, and is now a total nerd herself at 6 years old.
Here's a couple other pieces on that same wall. 
 Love this one of Jango and Boba Fett.
 We got this piece by Justin Hillgrove entitled "Spare Parts" at Seattle's Folklife Festival a few years back. Love at first sight.

This is our shelf unit filled with Star Was Unleashed figures. They're sort of crammed into that thing, which is a repurposed shelf that originally sat horizontally rather than the vertical way I have it right now. It's pretty shaky, has stickers on it in places, and is seriously ugly up close, but it works for our needs at the moment. If Ikea's Expedit shelf fits there, I'd rather use that, but it's a small space.
Close ups:

I failed to mention previously that the secondary color in our room, which you can clearly see behind Boba Fett there, is a very light grey, based on the same color you find on an X-wing, although purists will recognize that X-wings are actually WHITE, not GREY.

And lastly, just for fun, here is a darkened view of our room with lightsabers ablaze. They are held up on the wall by Thinkgeek's lightsaber wall mounts.
Romantic, no?
On the left you see the Return of the Jedi Luke Force FX Lightsaber that I got for Mother's Day last year, and on the right you see Darth Vader's red lightsaber.

Anything else you'll have to wait to see or hear about until another day. There are still things to be done in the room (like that wacky wall of framed art) but mostly it's done and we are extremely happy with it.

THE STAR WARS ROOM (shut up, it deserves the caps lock)

My husband and I are self-professed nerds. We grew up in the 80's with such wonders as, yes, Star Wars, which featured prominently in both our lives. My husband rues the day he sold his Star Wars action figure collection as a kid, and I have fond memories of weird Star Wars Underoos and light switch covers (note to self: look those up on Ebay.)

So now that we have a HOUSE and we can PAINT IT and do PERMANENT STUFF to it, we decided "What the heck?" and forged ahead and made ourselves a grown up Star Wars themed bedroom. 

It all started when Pottery Barn Kids announced they were going to sell vintage replica sheet and bedding sets with the whole Star Wars gang all over them. We were dismayed, however, when they didn't come in king sizes, you know, because kids don't generally sleep in king size beds. But it was okay! Because we already wanted to downsize and needed a new mattress anyway! (At least we convinced ourselves that was the case and got a queen.) So we had a semi-Star Wars theme room in our apartment, but it was so bland. I had some old artwork lying around that I'd had for years, and finally got frames for, but on the boring white walls and crammed into our weird space it just didn't feel right at all.

That brings me back to our HOUSE.

Here's what part of our bedroom looked like before (just as boring as white):
 Note my lovely spackling job there, by the way.

Moving on! We waffled a bit over wall color. We knew we wanted lots and lots of color in our house, but weren't sure what would look good with our snazzy Star Wars comforter (stay tuned, I'll show it off in a bit.) I thought maybe a mustard-y yellow, but the husband was not in tune with that. So eventually we settled on X-wing pilot orange. You know. Like this:

The actual wall color we chose (for your reference) was Behr's Solar Flare, and it's AWESOME.

So then, you know, I had some more art lying around unframed, and then Zazzle had this radical holiday deal. Now, see, Zazzle has for a long time been THE place to buy Star Wars officially licensed art, and we've always coveted this one particular piece of Ralph McQuarrie art. Ralph McQuarrie being The Guy who designed all the stuff you see in Star Wars. The piece we really liked was one of Luke in his X-wing get up emerging from his downed A-wing observing an advancing AT-AT in the hazy, snowy distance on Hoth. (I told you we were nerds.) Well anyway, so Zazzle had this amazing deal and we finally just bit the bullet and bought the thing. When it arrived, I had to frame it, and went ahead and framed my other random art piece as well (Jabba's palace scene from Mondo.)

Yesterday I was able to go pick all my stuff up and we hung our art and SUDDENLY: STAR WARS BEDROOM.

I will now inundate you with awesome photos of my breathtaking bedroom. 

 BEHOLD the Ralph McQuarrie print (stretched on canvas) framed between our lightsabers.
 Here is our awesome limited edition Jabba's palace print above our shelf of Unleashed figures.
 Slightly different view of the same thing, just to show it next to that Solar Flare wall.
 This wall needs a little rearranging. The 3 across the top were given to me by a dear friend, on the bottom you can see Mickey in X-wing gear and Goofy as Darth Vader (he's wearing heart print boxers instead of pants), and in the middle another piece of art featuring Jawas and dilapidated Darth Vader. The two blue pieces are by my lovely daughter; the top one is of Yoda and the bottom is an AT-AT.
Our closet even features some themed stuff. Might work on this later as well.

And now, I bet you find yourself thinking "MAN, I want a grown up Star Wars room too!"

My reply is: DO IT.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Living room revamp

When we bought our house, we noticed the previous owners had a certain...affinity...for a Western theme. I sadly have no photos to prove this, but by my word, they had metal stars and rope accents everywhere, as well as a cowhide toilet seat. They also had a weird design style, with huge pieces of furniture taking up all the available space. When we moved in the furniture was gone, as was the wacky toilet seat, and the cowboy silhouette that had graced the front of the house. But what wasn't gone were those stars and ropes. They were every freaking where. 

One of the first things we did was tear off all instances of rope trim they had stapled up. This included the living room.

In addition to their somewhat acceptable however different Western tastes, the previous owners apparently had no idea what a studfinder was. After we got the keys to our house and entered for the first time as true owners of property, we surveyed the home and what was left for us to deal with. The living room was...interesting. Not only did they have a lovely roped trim around the fireplace wall, but they had obviously not bothered to A) removed a wall mounted TV before painting, and B) use a studfinder when originally hanging said TV.

I do have proof of this abomination.
You'll have to excuse the poor quality of my photo, for this was taken with my cell phone. But you can clearly see the huge, blank space where a TV was hanging at one point. In the middle of that section are about five thousands holes where the previous owners poked and prodded hoping to find a stud to hang their precious TV. 

Also: note the lovely red orange wall color. It was present all over the house as well.

After the satisfaction of tearing the stupid rope off that wall, we set to work on the rest of the house. It was a several days long project, and without the help of friends and family it never would have been done. When it was finished, we were able to move in and settle. 

Now that Christmas has come and gone, I have a few photos of what our living room looks like now. It has markedly improved, if I do say so myself. Here is a similar view to the one above. Complete with Christmas tree and children.
We switched to an almost periwinkle blue and framed the fireplace with a pair of oak shelve that have hung around our family feeling completely awkward until now. Our couch and rug are placed such so as not to scratch up the newly hand refinished floors, but both match the paint color almost perfectly. My husband was pleased to finally be able to permanently hang stocking hooks on a mantle. 

You can also see how we completely covered up the poorly painted wall above the fireplace. I spent a lot of time spackling those holes up and it took a lot of coats of blue to cover that wacky red orange bead board.

And for good measure, here's a view of our Christmas tree and front window (bonus: kid.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Two Sheds"?

Perhaps I should clarify something. The title of my blog. It's weird. You're probably wondering what it means. Well, our house, the back yard, it has two sheds. That's pretty much it. 

We found it endearing mostly because of this:

Yes, we are HUGE nerds.

...Is this thing on?

So, we bought this house. 

And I thought maybe I'd blog about it as we remodel it and fit it to our lives.  

So far so good!

Let me back up a bit.

The house was built in the 60's, which might be obvious from the photo. I wish I could say that rad car came with it, but alas, it did not.

We started the process of buying our house as a short sale way back in like, February or March of 2010. Let me just put this right out there: if you have the time, and the patience, go for a short sale. The end result is worth it. We got our house for a nice margin under market. Of course it took six months to finally close, but you know, details.

So here we go. Another blog. At the very least it'll be a fun record of how our house really becomes OURS.