Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Star Wars Room Part Deux (I forgot some stuff)

Perhaps I will learn to edit before I post. Instead, for the time being, you get treated to not one, but TWO Star Wars bedroom posts. Lucky! Let me begin.

I failed to show off our rad Star Wars duvet cover from Pottery Barn Kids (which I think isn't even available anymore?)
That Jabba pillow was made by yours truly, based off of the project in Bonnie Burton's Star Wars Craft Book (best thing, ever, by the way.) Jabba actually spends most of his time sitting on the floor next to the bed, but it is definitely a comfy pillow.

I also failed to show close ups of any of my wall of Star Wars art. Specifically the fantastic paintings by my daughter. She was 4 when she produced these gems, and is now a total nerd herself at 6 years old.
Here's a couple other pieces on that same wall. 
 Love this one of Jango and Boba Fett.
 We got this piece by Justin Hillgrove entitled "Spare Parts" at Seattle's Folklife Festival a few years back. Love at first sight.

This is our shelf unit filled with Star Was Unleashed figures. They're sort of crammed into that thing, which is a repurposed shelf that originally sat horizontally rather than the vertical way I have it right now. It's pretty shaky, has stickers on it in places, and is seriously ugly up close, but it works for our needs at the moment. If Ikea's Expedit shelf fits there, I'd rather use that, but it's a small space.
Close ups:

I failed to mention previously that the secondary color in our room, which you can clearly see behind Boba Fett there, is a very light grey, based on the same color you find on an X-wing, although purists will recognize that X-wings are actually WHITE, not GREY.

And lastly, just for fun, here is a darkened view of our room with lightsabers ablaze. They are held up on the wall by Thinkgeek's lightsaber wall mounts.
Romantic, no?
On the left you see the Return of the Jedi Luke Force FX Lightsaber that I got for Mother's Day last year, and on the right you see Darth Vader's red lightsaber.

Anything else you'll have to wait to see or hear about until another day. There are still things to be done in the room (like that wacky wall of framed art) but mostly it's done and we are extremely happy with it.


  1. OMH... can I move in, please? Sooooo awesome!

  2. BTW ... Harriet did an AWESOME job on the paintings!! WTG girl!

  3. Sarah ... I just received the "Sunshine Award" on my blog. I am passing it on to you! http://bcuzmommysaidso.com/2012/01/04/awww-i/

  4. Where did you get that picture in between the lightsabers?

    1. Check out www.zazzle.com - that's where we got it!

  5. Thanks Sarah!! Is that a wrap? What size is that?

    1. It's a canvas piece, and it's as big as they make it. I'd have to go measure, but it's something like 3 feet across or something spectacular like that. It's lovely.

    2. Oh, I should add: we bought it as just the canvas and had it stretched at Michaels. But I think you can order it stretched from Zazzle as well.

  6. That Jabba pillow of yours is cuddly and makes a good room companoin. ~ ilikesheds.com